Friday, December 3, 2010

Milestones at every corner

Well, we're just sitting her in balmy SC enjoying time with friends.  Tomorrow will be our 6 year wedding anniversary.  There seem to be many milestones coming at us. First Thanksgiving and Sophie's second birthday, Sophie's first Christmas and Hanukkah, and the anniversary that ends our wait for a family.  Anniversaries have been pretty hard because they've marked each year we've wanted to build our family.  I'm happy to report that after six twisting and turning years, we've accomplished what we set out to do!  Albeit, it may not have been what we expected, but I think we'd both have to say we wouldn't want it any other way.  Sophie is the most amazing thing that could have ever happened to our family and is bringing us more and more joy everyday.  She is amazing in so many ways and I'm ecstatic that she's with us.  There will be much to celebrate tomorrow! 

P.S.  Sophie is now saying a few new words.  She says "stop" complete with hand gestures, "GO!", "right there", and she said "eel" at the aquarium today.  She is babbling away with great intent at being understood.  It won't be long before she is speaking in complete sentences.