Sunday, May 2, 2010

Has it been two weeks yet?

Stir crazy does not describe this wait! On Tuesday it will have been two full weeks since our dossier was sent to China. So anytime after Tuesday we should get word that we're logged in. The great news is that China updated their waiting child list the day after our dossier was mailed so we should make the May search as long as it's updated the third week of May or later. Also, I was looking at the waiting child list and since the rule changed, dictating that a family cannot lock a recently added child unless their dossier is logged, there are several more children than usual. It seems that they are mostly boys but definitely a lot under two. Some of the needs are not too terrible, so I imagine the kids that were "locked" right away were pretty healthy with manageable needs. I'm also thinking that their are more girls that get locked then boys. Hopefully these are all good signs of things to come. Come on China...give us a log in date!

Right now we are doing our research. We need to address what needs we feel comfortable with. Also, we need to make sure our insurance company will accept the needs of our child and not consider them "pre-existing conditions." Actually, as I'm typing I remember that a group policy has to accept pre-existing conditions. So, we should be good to go with either insurance policy we use. YES!